Natural relief for a pain-free life

It’s time to get back to living the life you desire with natural treatments tailored to eliminate your pain

Transforming Lives

Natural medicine changed my life and has inspired me to help others change theirs.

I used to live in constant fear of “bad pain days”. With no real answers and only a lifelong regimen of pain medication offered as a solution, I worried I would never get my life back. Through a combination of acupuncture, diet and lifestyle changes, cupping and chiropractic treatments, natural pain management has allowed me to recover quickly from multiple reconstructive surgeries, eliminated my debilitating migraines, and eased the chronic inflammation caused by old athletic injuries.

You don’t have to live in pain. You have options! I can help.


3 Steps to a Pain Free Life

Pain Management

I assess your immediate status and develop a treatment plan for your pain to give you immediate and long term relief from chronic pain

Lifestyle enhancements

Pain can be made worse by poor lifestyle choices and sometimes ones you aren’t even aware of. We work together to get you balanced.

Therapy & Maintenance

Physical therapy using  various manual therapies help reset your body, your mobility, and eliminate pain…naturally.

Your Journey 

You deserve to enjoy your life. Proven 3-step system is designed to provide you with a customized treatment plan to naturally manage and eliminate your pain — effectively, affordably and immediately. I have seen how a pain-free existence can change someone’s world. Take the first step to get back on track and start living again!



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