Initial Assessment (60-90 minutes)

Your first visit involves a lot of questions! I take a thorough history of your health concerns to get a thorough understanding of what you are experiencing. I also ask about other aspects of your life that may be affecting your health, including your sleep patterns, energy, diet habits, digestion and stress levels among other things. I will also perform basic physical exams based on your health concerns. I may require further laboratory assessments depending on your case and if I need more information. I generally provide basic, supportive treatments in this first appointment to set the foundations for health going forward.

Please bring any medications or supplements you are currently taking to this visit. This allows me to ensure the treatment I’m providing will not interact with anything you are currently taking.

If you have current lab test results available, please bring them as well. This gives me more information on your current health and lets me know where we need to fill in the blanks in terms of testing.

Complimentary Consultations

Not sure if naturopathic medicine is the right fit for you? No problem! I offer private 15 minute consultations at no cost to you. We can discuss your health concerns briefly and I’ll explain what naturopathic medicine is and how you might benefit. This consultation is to provide general information only and no treatment will be provided at these visits.

First follow-up appointment (30 minutes)

Your first follow-up appointment is typically scheduled 1-3 weeks after your initial assessment. This allows time for the foundational treatments from our first visit to take effect and receive the results of any labwork we have requested. I will typically add to your initial treatment plan and help you troubleshoot any of the areas that have been difficult for you.

Subsequent Follow-up appointments (20-30 minutes)

The frequency of your follow-up appointments depends on your condition. They are usually more frequent at the beginning of treatment as we navigate what is improving and where the obstacles are. Once you are feeling well and seeing steady improvement, your appointments will become less frequent and act more as progress checks with minor changes or tune-ups as needed.